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Are You Taking Advantage of Rebates in Place This Year (and the foreseeable future)?

2021 Rebates and Market Environment

As the markets emerge and businesses start rebounding from the impact of 2020 and COVID, budgets remain a bit more conservative and business owners find themselves seeking creative ways to save and execute on tighter budgets. Rebates for LED lighting are a great way for business owners to accomplish just that, while building long-term savings for their businesses.

As discussed in our post on LED Retrofits, a retrofit project can help businesses save through ROI with maintenance savings, utility costs, and reduced consumption. While the savings are desirable, the cost of a retrofit can sometimes be a roadblock. Rebates can help alleviate that cost by helping business save on their project.


Good News for LED Rebates

The popularity of LED bulbs and lighting has increased year-over-year, making the rebates see a corresponding decline. But the good news is the effects of COVID/2020 helped stabilize rebates available in 2021 – meaning many of the same savings options are still available. With rebate programs covering about 74% of the US, and rebates available to most businesses, there’s no better time to start leveraging these savings opportunities.


Cost Caps in the Fine Print

Stable rebate offerings in 2021 also means the amounts have stayed high, and most rebates come with a cost cap in the fine print. Cost Caps within rebate programs mean there is a limited amount of how much of the cost will be covered. Ultimately, customers can be unpleasantly surprised to see rebates at a smaller rate than expected.


This is where it’s important to have a knowledgeable representative helping you through the rebate process. We have handled rebate administration with utilities from coast to coast and E. Sam Jones works with your local utility provider to maximize your savings.


Leverage the Savings.

Our customer service and sales representatives are here to facilitate your rebates through every job and project. Ready to take advantage of the rebates available to you? Get started here.