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4 Easy Reasons an LED Retrofit Project is the Upgrade Your Business Needs

What is an LED RETROFIT?

An LED Retrofit project is the conversion of existing lighting from traditional fluorescent, incandescent or CFL fixtures to newer, energy-saving LED lighting. For businesses, a retrofit project usually consists of replacing lighting throughout whole building either all at once, or in a phased process. The main goal of an LED Retrofit project is to save businesses and consumers money over time through ROI (return on investment) with maintenance savings, utility cost savings, and reduced consumption.

How Does an LED Retrofit Save?

LED bulbs come with many benefits in saving money over time. Primarily, LED bulbs last much longer than other types of lighting (halogen, incandescent fluorescent, CFL). While incandescent and halogen bulbs average about only a year or so on life, LED bulbs can last 10 years and more. A longer bulb life equates to lower maintenance bills due to less frequent replacements and installations.

LED bulbs also use less energy – about 75% less than incandescent lighting and can last up to 25 times longer. Additionally, LED bulbs waste less energy by giving off very little heat compared to CFLs or Incandescent bulbs, which can give off 80-90% of their energy as heat.

All of these factors contribute to making LED bulbs the best lighting option for businesses to save long-term on their lighting.

What Does a Retrofit Process Look Like?

Our retrofit process begins with a site visit and evaluation of your current lighting system and utilities costs. We work with our customers to create a plan with the best lighting options and products suited to their business needs – aimed at reducing power consumption, costs and improving the overall lighting.

Once a plan is finalized, we present a proposal complete with costs, payback, and ROI. Lastly, the Retrofit project is completed our highly trained installers and supervisors to ensure the project is completed with the least interruption to business operations.

We Also Help you Save MORE.

Once your installation is complete, your service representative will work with you to apply for any local power rebates that are available – handling all the paper work and filing(s) necessary for your rebate.

Ready to get started on saving money for your business and making the switch to LED lighting? Learn more or get started here.