RETROFIT services

We have been an industry leader in lighting retrofit services for almost 30 years, retrofitting over 10 million fixtures nationwide. From military bases to dog grooming studios - every job is completed with the same goals of energy savings and customer satisfaction.

Initial Phase:

Energy Audit

The process begins with a visit to your site. We evaluate your current lighting system and analyze your utility bills. Then we create a plan with the lighting ideas and products best suited to your individual needs….a plan to reduce power consumption and improve the quality of light in your facility.

Phase Two:

Proposal & Utility rebates

Nothing is hidden in the dark. Payback, ROI and HVAC savings and maintenance avoidance are all explained and included in our comprehensive lighting retrofit proposal. Additionally, we have handled rebate administration with utilities from coast to coast! E. Sam Jones works with your local utility provider to maximize your savings.

Phase Three:

Expert Install

Our lighting specialist will guide you through the process of choosing and installing the solution best suited to your facility. Then our highly trained and supervised labor force installs your retrofit with the least interruption of YOUR schedule, not ours.


Warranty Administration

Our team is with you beyond the install. When problems occur in the years following problem completion, our veteran team can facilitate product replacement and general troubleshooting.